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Investing in 
digital health.
With a personal
bias towards diabetes.  

This is Whitewater Ventures

I enjoy working with early stage companies, the magic time when big things really happen.

Digital Health  Diabetes 
Hands on Support  

 Sensors   Telemedicine

Connected Devices    Fundraising  

I advise and invest into early stage healthcare companies 

Every morning I wake up, working on things I truly enjoy. I can do it because I made an exceptional journey with mySugr, the company I co-founded in 2012.  

But it wasn't just me. I had great co-founders on my side and and a truely amazing team in Vienna and Encinitas. We build mySugr to one of the largest digital diabetes management platforms with over 2,5 million users and over 180 employees. In 2017 we sold mySugr to Roche. Another amazing company. 

Now I enjoy sharing my learnings with young founders (and learn as much from them as they from me). 



healthcare investments 

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Not healthcare related. I was so passionate about it, that I had to invest anyways.

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